Spec Homes

Spec HomesAt Republic Custom Homes we maintain an impressive array of carefully constructed and renovated spec homes for potential buyers to view. As opposed to a custom built home based on the specifications of a client or customer, a spec home is a home that a builder constructs with the belief that someone will eventually come along and want to purchase the home. For someone who has no specific idea of what type of house they are looking for, spec homes can offer a nice example and some direction.

Benefits of Purchasing a Spec Home

  • These homes are usually at or near completion, meaning the buyer has the opportunity to pick out paint colors, flooring, countertops and more
  • Numerous interior and exterior features are already included in the price
  • Buyers can see exactly what they are buying before they make a purchase (In other words, we make your vision crystal clear)
  • Our Spec Homes Do Not Disappoint

    When you are selling a property and conducting showings you want your model to be fully decorated and in tip-top shape. We meet standard new home foundation specifications and install quality flooring and wall systems. Our spec homes include interior and exterior features and are often fully furnished allowing your vision for a well built and carefully designed home to come to life.

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    To learn more about our spec home building process or to view any of our current models, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 903-539-2898.

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